Programme Oi-X'17 Fall

The programme for Oi-X consists of a range of different activities. We will have different preparation activities, where you can get informed about Oi-X. Hereafter the two main events are hosted; a kick-off Oi-X Developer weekend and the Oi-X Final where the winners will be announced.  

You can find all the activities in the calendar.  

New programme in the making . . . 





Last semesters programme Oi-X Fall 2016 



Prior to week 43-45 you can participate in a set of different information events. Check our calendar for updates on the different information events.

Oi-X Information week 41
10th – 12th of October

This is your chance to get information on the challenges and the companies. We promise three good days, including a visit from the coffee truck, lots of snack and great discussions. Hope to see you there. Find a description of all the challenges here

Oi-X Info & Lunch   

12th October  

We will host a lunch meeting - with free sandwiches. Here you will have a last chance to meet Oi-X, before sign-up. 

Deadline for registration to Oi-X developer weekend
21st of October at 12.00

Last day for sign-up: Friday 21st ofOctober. Sign-up covers registration for the ‘Oi-X developer weekend kick-off’. Sign up here…  (You also have the possibility to sign-up to both events at the same time).  

WEEK 43-45

Oi-X Developer Weekend 
28th - 30th of October 

This kick-off weekend will be full of exciting activities. The main focus for the weekend is for you to have a deep dive into the challenge and in teams collaborate on a solution. During the weekend you will have the possibility to get in dialogue with experts from all the companies; they will provide different types of support and sparring.

If you have not formed teams before this Friday, don’t worry - we will start with a small session to facilitate this. During the weekend, you will experience inspirational talks and other great disruptions for you to get inspired. We will provide catering and refreshments. We will make sure this will be a memorable, exciting and fun weekend.  

Deadline for registration to the Oi-X Final
1st of November

Please sign-up here here       

The Oi-X Final is open for everyone, so if you did not have the chance to take part of Oi-X please feel free to join us this Tuesday.

Oi-X Final
Tuesday 8th of November

On the afternoon of Tuesday 8th of November, the Oi-X Final will take place. All the ideas and projects from fall Oi-X 2016 will be pitched and the winners will be announced.
Enjoy an inspirational speaker - while we wait in excitement for the results from the judges. We will of course serve drinks and a food snack. See programme. (Deadline for registration 1st of November).
28 JULY 2017