Registration for Oi-X

Registration for Oi-X FOOD Fall 2017 is open!

You have different possibilities to participate in Oi-X.You can register by one of three following options:

  • Oi-X developer
  • Oi-X sponsor & advisor
  • Oi-X spectator

Early Birds: Get in the pool of the first 15 sign-ups and get a Volt Power Bank. 

Deadline for sign-up 27th of September.

Follow the box to the right to sign-up.

Oi-X Developer:

Sign-up as Oi-X developer if you would like to participate in the challenges, and get the chance to win prices and scholarships. Oi-X is for all students at higher educations. We strongly recommend to create teams across studylines and across universities. We have experienced that cross-disciplinary teams brings great value to the development process and advances the final result.  

If you have already formed a group, we still would kindly ask you to register seperatly. You will be able to form exactly the group you wish to, on Friday of the Oi-X developer weekend. Here we will register your groups, and facilitate a session where you can find your team.

Your group must participate in parts of the developer weekend to register for the final.  

After the Oi-X developer weekend kick-off we will e-mail all of you a new register form - to sign-up your team and your idea to be presented at the 'Oi-X Final. This Friday the best teams will win monetary prices and particular promising projects can be rewarded a scholarship.

Oi-X Sponsor & Advisor:

Sign up as Oi-X sponsor & advisor if you are already affiliated with Oi-X. If you would like to become a sponsor click this link to read more and find contact information.  

Oi-X Spectator:

Sign-up as Oi-X spectator if you would like to take part of the Oi-X final. This is for both students and none-students. Be aware that if you as a student would like to sign-up your idea for pitching, you need to sign up as Oi-X developer. Oi-X spectators is for those that have not been part of the Oi-X developer weekend kick-off
17 NOVEMBER 2017