Challenges Oi-X Health2018

The challenges for the upcoming Oi-X Health in spring 2018 will be announced soon.

Previous Challenges from Oi-X

How can ingredients enable a more resoure-efficient and sustainable food production with less waste 
How to secure relevance of dairy in the sustainable diets of the future
What’s for Dinner Tonight?
Understanding Weather Impact on Beer Sales in Denmark
From Smart Meters to Smart Consumers & Behaviour

Explorative data endeavor in bacteria production

What does the next IoT start-up look like
Correlating Trends in Operational Data from Wind turbines
Storage Technology as An Enabler for Renewable Energy 
Corporate Master Data as Key to 'New' Hidden Insight
Cluster and Visualise the Physical and Social Media-based Audience Behaviour at Roskilde Fetival
Digital Solutions that will Make None-customers Interested in Pension
Improve the Digital Relationship with Corporate Banking Customers

Energy at the Right Time, Place and Form

Machine Learning as a Technology to make Tailored Solutions with Greater Impact in Society
Creating Smart City Solutions with Intelligent Sensors and Data Fusion
Consumer2creator - new consumers

Enhanced user experience with learning hearing devices

Easy translation - Uber for translation

Internet of Things - from data to value creation

Activity tracking services for elderly
22 JANUARY 2018